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OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)- The holidays are just around the corner and many across the area are worried that construction and Christmas shopping don’t mix. 7News spoke with one local official about how all roads that lead in and out of one particular Ohio Valley shopping mecca are looking clear.

Let’s begin with this: are you trying to decide what gifts to get your loved ones for the holidays? Well, lucky for the Ohio Valley, we have the Highlands! But with all of that road construction going on, many people think this is all one big hassle.

Tim McCormick, the President of the Ohio County Commission, said “it did slow things do for awhile, businesses did suffer a little bit but they’re starting to rebound because the pre-construction construction is over.”

Hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again. Spending time with family, enjoying the decorations, and most importantly: shopping! So what’s different this year?

McCormick told 7News “The Highlands is open for business it’s starting to pick back up again you can get to The Highlands without a problem you can get back down the hill and the folks up there are very much looking for more folks to come back up.”

So many boutique shops, major retailers, restaurants, and entertainment… you’ll want to keep coming back to do it all! So what’s new and what can we look forward to?

McCormick answered back “Chic-fil-A between the bank and Cheddars- we’re hoping for an early-to-mid December opening. Stores are always running their specials I know Hobby Lobby is going 50% off you see that all over the adds. But you know Walmart, J.C. Penny’s, Kohls- all of them are doing their usual Christmas holiday. Please don’t be afraid to go to The Highlands the traffic is not bad there’s a little lane shift at one point but once you hit the Millenium Center it’s back open normal and it’s 50 to 60 miles an hour so there’s really no reason to be afraid to go and I know folks are all pointing the finger who started this a lot of this is coming off of Facebook and everything you read on Facebook isn’t true. So you can get to and from The Highlands without a problem.”

Looking ahead: both the Sports Complex and Menards are both anticipating opening this spring.



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